Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I'm not the biggest fan of wedding celebrations. I've been called a cynic on more than one occasion because of this attitude. It's not cynicism. It's more the ceremony part that gets to me. Weddings, I believe, needed to be in court and then the brde and the bridegroom should ideally have a small party for very close family and friends. I've always heard the same old story of the couple ending up with lockjaw by the end of their reception, which, mind you, is the final celebration of a three-day long process in India. I wondered why people do the things they do to get married.
And then Ankit and Anvee got married.
It's the first wedding I actually had a lot of fun at. 
There was organisation, there was laughter, there was song, there were close friends. Hell, I'll maintain that I knew more people at this wedding than I will ever know at mine.

This note, like the others that I've written off late, is a small photo feature to show you guys what emotions a wedding has. The images aren't the best. I didn't bother editing them, but they were fun to shoot.

A wedding is about traditional dance

A wedding is also about hamming a traditional dance

A wedding is about family togetherness

A wedding is also about accepting the extended family and making peace with the fact that you're stuck with them for life

A wedding is about friends travelling over 7000 miles for the biggest day of your life

A wedding is also about grabbing an opportunity to have your close friends together in a single frame

A wedding is about moments when you wonder, when the hell this will end

A wedding is also about escaping from the venue when you're bored and having something called Jinny Dosa

A wedding is about capturing the right moment

Like I said, a wedding is about capturing the right moment :)

As corny as this sounds, a wedding is about two people wanting to be together... much so that they just can't take their eyes off each other.

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