Monday, May 23, 2011

East of the Sun

It's 7.24 pm on a Monday evening. I sit at the computer, sweat dripping off my head, trying to adjust to Bombay's humidity, which was as bad as Calcutta's and miss the -3 at Nathula and the 17 at Gangtok. I'm pondering the week that has gone by. I look at the photographs - an astonishing 678 clicks - and think, "Wow. My annual vacation is over!"
It's been one of the more hectic vacations that I've had. Not a day has gone by in the last one week, where I've not been up by 6 am (two days were 4 am, but that, dear reader, will be read in the latter part of this note.). Like those Facebook groups that say 'You know you're from Bombay when...", there should be a group that says, "You know that the sun rises in the east when your room is bright at 5 am".
But I have no regrets. It's been a brilliant vacation.
I loved Calcutta. I loved Gangtok even more. Sikkim is definately a place that I would like to go back and visit - probably spend some more time over there. Who knows? Somewhere down the line, I may even think of retiring there.
It's a pity that it's over, but here's a memory that I'd like to share with all of you. This is a small collection of some of my favourite pictures that I took on the trip. The rest will be on the album. As usual, each picture carries a story behind it, which I will try and explain.
Happy viewing!

The Victoria Memorial is in the heart of Calcutta. Located right next to Fort William, where we lived, it is a great place to walk, take pictures and spot the odd couple making out behind the bushes

Evening moon at the Victoria Memorial. This is one of my favourite pictures of the trip

A traffic cop tries managing Calcatta chaos, but life is psychadelic, as the picture shows

Tequila The Kitten was an important member on our Sunderban adventure. While I didn't get too many great images on that day, I'm pretty fond of this one. The kitten provided us with plenty of entertainment on a pretty hot, humid and animal-empty day

The New Market reminded me of a cleaner and more disciplined Crawford Market

Gangtok by night. While the picture isn't one of the best ever, it's on the list because I'm in love with that town

The Live and Loud, a Gangtok pub, and perhaps the best one I've visited in India

I'm on Top of the World looking down at creation...

There is a jingoist in all of us. When I saw this, I couldn't resist

The Chinese flag fluttering with the Himalayas at the background

Calcutta 2011: The Old

Calcutta 2011: And the new

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