Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas and New Year

(From Top) Christmas celebrations in my building, as a family builds a crib outside their home; the same family decks  up the Christmas tree; traffic on 31st is chaotic, as a cop tries to pacify mad motorists; an empty bar at Ruby Tuesday, shows how enthusiastic people were about not celebrating the New Year in restaurants. Most of the cooler parties were house parties.
A New Year has dawned and so has a new decade.
The past decade saw a lot of changes in our lives.
Some of us went from being teens to twenty.
Some of us graduated and post-gratuated.
Others got married and started families.
Some saw tragedy, while others saw joy.
The world has been the same for everyone. Somewhere or another, the last 10 years has seen all of these through the eyes of billions across the world.
With the onset of a New decade, I'd like you guys to take a look at some of the picture I took on the last few days of the year. Some of them were Christmas-related, while others were just how chaotic Mumbai was on the last day of the decade.

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