Monday, October 31, 2011

Mobile Photography

A survey taken a few years ago showed that the mobile camera in the Nokia cell phone was the most used camera in the world. It's an incredible statistic, given that Nokia was never even into camera manufacture.
Mobile photography, over the years, has developed. Since the first mobile camera came out, developers have gone out of their way to develop the perfect mobile camera. Sony Ericsson released its CyberShot series, a widely popular range of camera phones, which intensified the competition between cell phone manufacturers over the quality of the camera.
Apple then came out with its camera in the iPhone 3G, 4 and now 4S series. The Android market decided to enter the competition and suddenly, you have good quality mobile phone cameras everywhere.
Personally, I'm an old-timer and prefer shooting with my Canon 350D, but I thought that a little experiment with a mobile camera would be fun.
Given that I have an Android, with a 5 MP camera and an application called Blogger Droid, I was excited to upload a number of images online.
However, Blogger Droid is painful in the sense that it doesn't allow me to upload more than one or two images at a time, so I had to go back to the old laptop.
Incidentally, I also managed to download a mobile version of Adobe Photoshop, so I managed to edit some of them as well.

So here you go. Check and comment


  1. The series of images of the sea are my favourites! Welcome to the smart-phone world!

  2. ohh so hrm smokers managed to kill the cat with the smoke as well!

  3. Muahahaha i is about to do the same (evil smirk)

  4. Good stuff man! yea I liked the images of the sea.. and yea the cat. haha

  5. love the cat picture ...
    and am so damn jealous of the android ... :D

  6. At first look the cat reminded me completely of Billo.